GMR Innovex

GMR Innovex, innovation vertical of GMR Group, aims to foster both - a culture of innovation within the organisation & build a philosophy of open innovation that enables free flow of ideas and resources between GMR and external ecosystem partners. We interact, engage and collaborate with start-ups, academic research Institutes, ecosystem players and other companies in developing both digital & non-digital next generation solutions.

The innovation vertical is also expected to bring myriad tech initiatives of different hues and get them amplified across businesses for benefit of the entire organisation. It facilitates startups with various kinds of assistance like mentoring, access to resources, POC opportunities, help with filing patents among others. The collaborators will have access to internal resources, subject matter experts among others in an informal yet aesthetically set ambience that unleashes creativity. The advantage that this exchange brings in is that collaborators can also try their products/services at GMR Innovex across a very large landscape of businesses like Airports, MRO, Cargo, Logistics, Infrastructure etc.

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